7 Way to Build a Better Online Identity

Oct 11, 2018

What is your online identity? No, we don’t mean your personal banking information or Social Security number. We want to know how you represent your business online, and if it falls in line with what your target market wants to see.

Balancing pride in a website and the needs of your target market can be stressful. Aspects of your site may be incredibly valuable to you, but fall flat with viewers. Sometimes this tug of war pulls apart designer from a business owner. Neither party is all wrong or all right, but before any undertaking, you must set ground rules.

7 Ways to Build a Better Online Identity

Lay Everything Out

And don’t hold back. Starting the process for a new website is a massive project. Money, time, stress and hard work go into every development, so it’s best not to have any surprises in the 11th hour. If either party doesn’t like something, it’s best to speak up.

Throw Caution to the Wind

Being audacious isn’t about being salacious. Bold moves are why people go online in the first place. People are looking for something that inspires, excites, and even outrages them.

Forgive & Forget

The first design is the hardest to achieve. Entering the online world may seem like the movies. But while studios have multi-billion dollar backers, many agencies and designers are supported by small businesses and are small businesses themselves. What you think of may not be feasible, but it’s no reason to blame those who you’re asking for help.

Love Your Budget

Budgetary constraints are just like the individually wrapped candies. We all know the temptation of eating all the Halloween candy in one night, but thankfully there are tiny plastic restrictions (and parents) stopping us from doing so. Budget for what you should do now, so you can eventually reap all the rewards over time.

Play the Waiting Game

Free web platforms are intriguing because you can start publishing web pages immediately. Great websites, however, take time to develop and work out all the kinks before going live to the public.

Keep in Touch

There is no end after you complete a web project. Updates, plugins, themes, and new technology are always available, which means what happens after your site is live is just as important as when someone was building it.

Stay Relevant

You have the site, and it looks great. You’re generating leads, making sales, and getting steady online traffic. People love the look of your online identity, for now. Don’t let your site become stale! Just because things are working in your favor now doesn’t mean it will last. Continue planning for the future by strategizing new ways to engage potential clients and customers.

What is your online identity? Anything you want it to be. Just make sure your customers want it, too.