What’s a Responsive Website and Why Don’t I Have One Yet?

What is a responsive website? It’s a term you’re likely to hear in introductory meetings and planning sessions when the time comes around to build a new website.

A website is responsive when you can view it on your phone as quickly as your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Customers today are often seeing how well businesses’ sites are responding to different aspect ratios.


Why Should I Have a Responsive Website?

Let’s face it. Everyone is using smartphones. Mobile device usage rates for anyone between 18 and 49 years old is between 89-94% saturation. Seventy-three percent of adults ages 50-64 use smartphones and nearly half (46%) seniors 65 and older have instant mobile access.

Smartphone access, however, accounts for only half the hurdles you must face. Users must be able to navigate your site, which means you may have to alter menus, images, and content-rich pages to court a mobile-first audience.

Gone are the days of taking two fingers and widening them to zoom on specific features. No matter how cool we all probably thought this technology was when it first came out, seeing it today is more of an eyesore than a particular feature.

Menus are the easiest to change, more so on WordPress platforms where you can save multiple menu dropdowns. Images tend to be trickier, and you may find it easier to limit the number of pictures on each page. Image sizes can be changed, smushed and compressed, but according to Google, 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to download.

Capturing someone’s attention is a different story. Potential customers have about two to three swipes of the thumb to understand what your site is about and if they want to proceed. Make sure your pages are engaging, factual, and get to the heart of what your target market desires.

Anything less and your viewers will move to the next app and forget about your website.


It’s time to send two-finger zooming into the digital dark age. Schedule a call with Valorous Circle to see how.

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