3 Reasons Why a Website Redesign Is Right For You

Oct 3, 2018

When something breaks, you fix it. When something is outdated, you replace it. But when something still functions but looks a little rough on the eyes, you rehab it. A website redesign works on the same premise.A website under construction. Website redesign

A dedicated support team can fix broken links and other issues. Businesses will merge or change names or logos every so often, prompting new domains.

And yet, when it comes to redesigning a website, many business owners sit on the fence, unwilling to change.

Let’s look at the top three reasons why you should redesign your website.

Watching & Waiting

Regardless of the current state of your site, the odds are good people visit it on at least a semi-regular basis. So why not make something people will enjoy when they look at it instead of a throwback to internet’s past? It’s important to realize that computers, the world wide web, and even modern websites are no more than a few generations old.

Understanding that the percentage of people who know what a site is and how it should look is approaching 100, offering up a good design is more critical than ever. Gone are the days when you needed a desktop computer to view a site. Nearly 52 percent of all website traffic worldwide is mobile. In an age where responsiveness is vital, what your last web developer created with HTML 15, 10 or even five years ago won’t fly.


Ask yourself this question: do any of my competitors have a new design or created websites? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to upgrade. Why is it time for a redesign, you ask? Because if at least one competitor has a mobile responsive site, visitors automatically see them as more legitimate than you.

Decades of outstanding customer service, flawless products and crystal clear lines of communication won’t matter if your website is unusable on smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


Who is the most important person who will see your site? You, of course! Sure, customers will know how to contact you better, and sales associates will love showing off something new, but more importantly, as a business owner, it’s ultimately up to you to decide on how you want your business to look in public.

And if you aren’t happy with the layout, color, wording, and functionality, then it’s time to decrease the stress with a website redesign.

A website redesign gives you the power to create something informative, entertaining and inspiring for your target market.