Instagram: Visualizing Your Businesses

How to Market Your Business on Instagram

There are numerous steps on how to market your business on Instagram through hashtags, advertising and advanced metric to track followers. But this post is about the basic function of using this social media application. Taking good photos.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

Taking pictures — great pictures — is one of the most underrated activities your business will undertake. We say will because visualizing how to market your business on Instagram or any other platform is now vital to sharing information in the digital age.

A fitness model can work out anywhere in the world. A singer can upload any song demo or share recording room photos. But a business owner must always be defined by the plot of land their restaurant, retail storefront or warehouse showroom resides.

You and your business are separate entities.

Even Instagram influencers with millions of followers learn to split their personal life from professional on the app. For safety, for ease of use and for a clear cut message.

When starting an Instagram account for a business it’s important to form a strategy.

What do you want to share and who do you want to attract?

Restaurants are easier than most. Everyone loves taking pictures of their food. It’s practically what made the app reach 700 million users. We’ve all done it and tagged it from a healthy bright green salad to the rack of barbecued ribs smoking and slathered in sauce.

These images are enticing, but what happens when you run through your menu? Add the backup plan. Start with your floor space. Treat every object is now a future subject. Every viewpoint and point of egress is now a future photo shoot location.

After you’ve mapped out your subjects and locations, plan what type of photo you wish to take.

Yes. There are different types of photos. And no, we’re not talking about Clarendon or Mayfair filters or adjustments to brightness, contrast and layout quarters.

How to market your business on Instagram

Transparency is vital

This is your real business, so shoot in natural light when possible. Bombarded by fluorescent lighting? Then it’s acceptable to tweak here and there. Once you’re more comfortable with your account, filters are more widely accepted.

The goal is not to deceive the customer with glitz and glamor. It’s to highlight the natural thoughts and emotions you already feel about your goods and services.

Use the Rule of Thirds

Many, if not all smartphones have a gridline feature. The center of any subject of your photo should line up with at least one of the intersections of this 3×3 grid.

Our eyes naturally flow toward these zones – tracing an image from top to bottom, left to right.

Love your subject

It seems odd, particularly if it’s just a piece of plastic or a garment, but viewers can tell when you’re not trying on Instagram.

Focus on one subject at a time. Showcase that you care about what you’re selling or the message you’re trying to disseminate.

Add an interesting point of view or reference point. Make a statement, even if it’s just a POW sign, pair of headphones or a green … thing. Use a hashtag. Use many hashtags if you want. Be vibrant. Be bold.

Instagram is fueled by passion. Fall in love with your photo because you’re going to share this with the world.

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