Creating Top of Mind Awareness

Think of your favorite shoe or soft drink. Every person knows the one that instantly comes to mind. That’s all due to top of mind awareness.

Top of mind awareness is responsible for creating synaptic connections in consumers’ minds, but only if marketing and advertising are continuous.

The drive to become the No. 1 image or idea that pops into someone’s head when they think of a certain product category or service need is the ultimate goal of top of mind awareness projects.

But the awareness itself is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

What were your responses to your favorite shoe and soft drink?

Well, that too depends on what type of consumer you are. How old you are, where you live and what you do.


Top of mind awareness
Top of mind awareness
Top of mind awareness

Athletic adults might have said Nike, while athletic teenagers might gravitate toward Under Armour. Fashion-forward women might love the red sole of Christian Louboutin more than weekend warriors who hike in the Pacific Northwest. Younger generations could easily want to rock Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars over Vans.

Coke or Pepsi? In Georgia, there’s only one answer, whereas Michiganders may include a third, Faygo.

Each company wants its brand to stay in the forefront all the time because they know if the advertising dollars or marketing expenditures stop, they might lose their hold on the entire market.

Here are a few ways a brand can move its way to the top of mind for a given base.

Logos & Taglines

Logos are the easiest thing to get wrong when branding your business. Nobody wants to buy something that is aesthetically displeasing.

The Nike Swoosh is active and dynamic. Coca-Cola’s red and white label harkens back to the 19th century. The Golden Arches reference McDonald’s architectural past and is just as easily recognizable as the 1 billion bitten Apples in the world marketplace.

Taglines work best when the logo is instantly recognizable, but it’s not a prerequisite. Some taglines are always in style no matter which celebrity says them. BMW has ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine,’ and Nike features the iconic ‘Just Do it.’ There’s no defined logo for ‘Got Milk’ but you know when you hear the phrase you expect to see a star sporting a thick milk mustache.

Logos and taglines are crucial to top of mind awareness for impulse items, fast food and stocked grocery shelves, but what about the online industries?

SEM & Social Media

Search engine marketing bolsters top of mind awareness like no other online process. SEM literally involves all efforts to bring your website to the top page of a search engine’s mind.

Depending on how big the target is, blog work and a keywording overhaul might be the only things you need to bring your website from the bottom of Google’s top-100 searched terms into the top percentiles.

Social media networks are constantly reminding its users of suggested and promoted posts by influencers and advertisers. Simple sharing, commenting and liking by friends and relatives can drive those suggested pages and posts to the top of your news feed even if the company posts once per day.

To see how your business can enter the top percentiles, please fill out a form or schedule an appointment with Valorous Circle today.

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