Make Your Social Media POP During Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2018

Unless it’s a newborn baby, the most Instagram-worthy subjects are often food. And there’s no day for food quite like Thanksgiving. So while you’re turkey is defrosting in the fridge, here are some unbeatable ways to make your Thanksgiving social media campaigns fill your (media) walls.

Black Friday Checklist

With most retailers starting Black Friday on Thursday afternoons it’s hard to gain a leg on the competition.

Yes, you can post all of your doorbuster deals on a website or an email blast, but most people will be reaching for their Facebook and Instagram feeds after that last plate of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Start advertising your specials now, or tease out deals hour by hour until it’s time to open the floodgates.

Time Wasting & Turkey Basting

Not everything needs to be about e-commerce on Thanksgiving. Sometimes all we need is an app or some news to fill in the time between marination and oven roasting.

Thanksgiving feasts are marathons and not sprints, not that you’re likely to want to do either immediately after, anyway.

Share your story or anecdotes from years’ past to highlight the connectedness of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is often celebrated with friends or family or doing charity work. Share what moments made you give thanks to those with which you wish to connect.

Thanksgiving Social Media Campaigns often contain Black Friday deals

Deck the Walls

For some, Christmas is already here. But for others, decking the halls has a time and place after Thanksgiving. It won’t hurt if you’re a tad early, right? When the countdown to Christmas is merely hours away, there’s nothing quite like social media to coat your phone in candy cane colors. Adding splashes of red, green, and white to your page is practically standard one month out.

Just don’t go too overboard leaving the milk and cookies out yet, because we all have that one relative bound to wake up from their tryptophan nap and ready to start snacking again.

SBS Prep

SBS stands for Small Business Saturday. The weekend in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is when we should all stop worrying about the big box stores and start learning to love local economies.

Local retailers might feel the pinch around the holidays as people are scurrying to buy new televisions or video games. Ease their burden by searching for small businesses around your local map. Retailers, help out these people by creating a Google My Business page.

Whether you’re prepping a meal or a sales forecast, Thanksgiving is always a time for reflection on what is most important to us. Don’t lose sight of the connections you make in pursuit of profit.