Take Advantage of Valorous Circle’s WordPress Training Courses

Creating, designing, and developing a website takes time, but what happens when it goes live to the entire world? Valorous Circle is here to help with our extensive WordPress training courses.

Navigating a new website is challenging, especially if managing your old site wasn’t on WordPress, or didn’t exist altogether. After every significant web project is complete, training courses are available to clients who’d like to know more about using their site.

Join Valorous Circle in our on-site training room to learn about websites, e-commerce, and online marketing efforts.

Discover the ways you can get a leg up on the competition by reviewing our three primary WordPress training courses below.

Each of the three classes run once a month with a 10-person limit. All training courses may feature a 30-minute Q&A.

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Website Help

It doesn't matter who built your website, our team of WordPress experts want to guide you to success!


Join us for one of our regularly scheduled WordPress and/or Digital Marketing classes.

Get More Leads

We specialize in helping make you the sales/marketing hero within your organization.