Let Valorous Circle Be Your Guide to Becoming a WordPress Hero

Are you struggling to learn how to start a WordPress blog or website? Valorous Circle is coming to the rescue.

Yes, there are sites where you can learn step-by-step guidelines of how to create your domain, get a host, and learn monetization, but those are droll and boring. Some have six steps while others have 30. Explainers can take upward of an hour, depending on how novice to internet solutions you are.

But blogging should be fun and straightforward, right?

Of course, it should! WordPress is the perfect tool to use and Valorous Circle is home to your WordPress experts.

There is nothing more accessible to your target audience than reading a WordPress blog on a WordPress website.

Starting a new website and putting yourself or your business out into the wide world takes a lot of courage. Before you jump right in, it’s important to ask yourself two questions – Who am I and Why am I online?


How to start a wordpress blog? Writers know the best way to produce content, but struggle with design.


As many writers freelance today, you will be pleasantly surprised that WordPress is free to use and even its premium features amount to a pittance each month. Writers often need no excuse to put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. Give them time, and perhaps a half gallon of caffeine and the words flow like water down Niagara Falls.

Design and other details, on the other hand, can quickly overwhelm writers. What is my domain going to be? What is web hosting? Do I need to know what CSS means? All are questions that distract them from the most important one – How fast can I get on the internet and start typing? We have one word – Themes.

Themes are your best friend when learning how to start a WordPress blog or site. Themes give structure to your content, letting you rely on the space between margins.


How to start a wordpress blog?

Business Owner

Business owners know the exhaustion of finding the time to make the perfect website. Do I select the company with the highest amount of reviews? Or the most helpful? Or the local heroes that make everything online better?

Yes, do that.

Sharing is a paramount function of anything we do online. You want your audience to read your blog posts as many times as possible, and then share them as many times as possible. Older websites are less responsive than newer ones, and even some new sites can cause headaches because firms overlook making your site appealing on all devices.

If you want to create something made for people to read, then your blogging and site creation search should end here.


How to start a wordpress blog?


Hiring someone to navigate the world of online marketing is a smart step, particularly if you’re a business owner without the time for writing a scheduled blog and do not have a writer on staff. Marketing managers should know how to use a plurality of blogging tools. However, there’s none quite like WordPress.

The most natural thing to remember about WordPress is that, for all of its plugins, shortcodes, API keys and updates, it remains as simple as plugging text into a field, writing a title and scheduling it for mass consumption.

Marketing professionals know how to wield a variety of items in their tool bag and learning how to blog is paramount in today’s search engine optimization landscape. Saying you know how to navigate a WordPress website is a powerful arrow in your quiver.


It’s time to get serious about starting your blog. The best way to reach your audience is to trust the WordPress experts at Valorous Circle.

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