What Spring Cleaning Means For Your Digital Business

Not all businesses have tremendous amounts of paperwork cluttering office spaces. In fact, some operate paper-free. Even digital information could use a dose of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning can offer something more than a tidy workspace and revitalized wardrobe. Our blog post on rehabbing old web pages mentioned the KonMari method of only keeping things that bring you joy. Valorous Circle takes a similar approach to this method for creating more seamless ways to do day-to-day business.

As a web developer and digital marketing agency, Valorous Circle tends to keep all of its essential files, regardless of age. These data backups ensure our clients receive the best support whenever a situation arises. What we don’t keep are those pesky temporary image files and old apps.

You never want to see your disk get full because it hampers usability. Image files can slow down any creative-driven product like Photoshop or Illustrator.

A slowdown in technology is one of the most frustrating hurdles to a predominantly online business, especially if it’s routinely avoidable.

Cleaning up disk space is more accessible with an external hard drive. Your desktop becomes clean when it runs with the apps you use on a daily basis. These apps, however, need a little TLC, too.

Applications require regular updates to function well. But sometimes an app becomes less and less useful, or another replaces its spot as the top dog.


Whatever the case may be, inferior or forgotten apps can slow down productivity while taking up as much space as a hundred thousand photos.

Social media isn’t immune to a little spring cleaning. Networking is never more important as it is now, which is why we often forget what’s on our static pages. Updates to work and location settings go a long way, particularly for salespeople. LinkedIn is rapidly growing as an incredible source of leads, yet posting on the app as often as Facebook or Twitter is not as high.

Make sure you’re informing potential customers of new ideas and business articles of the here and now, and not what you did for a client in 2009.

Privacy settings are increasingly important, too. Make sure you’re comfortable with the level of access you’re allowing others to view.


Spring cleaning is about reenergizing all the systems around you to help your businesses succeed and top the competition for the next few months.

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