Responsive Web Design Is the New Gold Standard

Responsive web design means that your website — and the content on it — will automatically format correctly on your device’s screen. In plain English, a responsive web design allows your website to look great on smartphones.

In the past, you had to maintain two versions of your website if you wanted to ensure that your mobile phone visitors could see your site. You also had to make sure you weren’t using any technologies that might work on a computer, but wouldn’t work on a mobile device. Adobe Flash, for example, was a popular way to create websites, that has become obsolete as it would often not even display on mobile phones.

Today, making your website work seamlessly on computers, tablets, and mobile is simple because of responsive website development. At Valorous Circle, we specialize in creating websites, email marketing and online marketing campaigns that work on virtually all computing platforms – from wide screen monitors to smartphones and most everything in between.

What are your benefits of having a website that is responsive?

  1. Your target audience can now see your website on virtually any device.

  2. You only need to maintain one version of your website.

  3. Faster load times and ease of use can lead to more opportunities.

  4. A competitive edge over businesses using outdated web designs.

Years ago, we created mobile-friendly websites by creating a separate mobile website. That’s because mobile devices were second class to desktop designs. In today’s market, Google indexes websites based on a mobile-first basis.

Responsiveness doesn’t tie itself to any platform. Your device can be an Android, Apple, or Windows. The only thing that matters is how your clients can respond. Displaying your website without having to scroll left and right and zoom in and zoom out is how a user-friendly website should operate. The goal is for your site to behave like an app than its traditional desktop view.

If your website is not responsive, Google will penalize you for it. Why? Google wants to deliver the best possible results to its users based on the things they are querying in the search bar and Google knows that those consumers need to review that data on the go.

If you’d like to learn more about responsive design, schedule a call with and we’ll show you first-hand how important it is to both you and your audience.

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