Drive Sales By Improving Your Product SEO

Dec 21, 2018

Online retailers can vastly improve their rankings by taking a break from landing pages and AdWords by starting product description SEO.

Depending on how many products you sell, optimizing each may be daunting, but it’s worth it not to cut corners. The best products descriptions are fun and extensive without being too silly or annoying.

The goal is to not only have the buyer wish to read it thoroughly and proceed to checkout but to have Google read it and think it has value beyond the price tag.

Adding SEO to your products also comes with a few caveats. Here are some of the best optimization techniques for your e-commerce website.

The More You Know

Knowledge is power. And in this case, buying power. The more information about a product you can fit in the description, the better SEO efforts are going to return your investment. While word count is becoming less of a necessity, reaching a word count goal won’t hurt your rankings. Follow the basics when creating your descriptions.

What is it? What does it look like? How do I use it? How much storage space do I need? Your optimization efforts are directly correlated to how many questions you can answer for the customer.

Copy & Paste Is a Waste

The No. 1 failure of any description set is copying and pasting the same disclaimer on all of your products. If there is something so important that it needs to affect an entire category or product line, then on every individual item is the worst place for your message to go.

Important words must stand alone someplace else on your site. Instead of copy and paste, add a singular link or even a header on the category page displaying the vital message, whether it be about dimension, shipping, or handling, etc.

Energetically Dignified

Excitement needs to swirl around any purchase, not just big-ticket items. Limiting ‘legal speak’ and adding usage explanations can only go so far if the copy is rigid and uninteresting. While it’s fine to use colorful language and lofty wording, after all, you’re trying to sell an experience with the product. You must avoid silliness whenever possible.

Eliminate all use of emoji, smiley faces, and other caricatures to express a wow factor. Reduce exclamation points whenever possible. Adding exclamation points to punctuate the ending of your sales pitch is acceptable. Adding three to end every sentence, however, can negatively impact how customers see your business’ maturity.

Good SEO takes time and effort. Don’t cut corners on what matters most for your e-commerce site.

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