Mill Steel

Jul 8, 2019

Overlooking the obvious creates stress. And the more stressful a website is to navigate, the more frustrating it is for the viewer to have an enjoyable user experience. When designing anything for business, your services page (or products page) must place what you’re selling up front for the consumer. 

Mill Steel did not effectively display a product line on its previous services page. It was also challenging to find images of their steel on other pages.

One of the most prominent mistakes designers make is overestimating what a page viewer values. Take Mill Steel‘s previous home page. While it’s clear the company is all about steel, you still can’t see any steel. Do they make steel beams? Rolled Steel? Steel wool? Mild Steel? Carbon Steel? The 2011 movie Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman? 

Our point being, adding a name against a specific backdrop and a vague video playing symbol will not instantly make people click on an image thinking there’s a video. If you have products to sell or services that need requests, make it visible! 

Websites are not a place for subtlety. Calls to action require direction. Digital artwork, body copy, and other visual elements must get a customer from Point A to Point B.

Valorous Circle achieves this for Mill Steel the most efficient way possible without sacrificing style.

Valorous Circle created a pathway for customers to get a clear sense of what Mill Still produces, rapidly. Mill Steel specializes in Flat-Rolled Carbon Steel. How will a customer know this? Because the header image on the new site is a banner image with flat-rolled carbon steel and the previous headline.

Every header moves someone into the consumer or employee pipeline. The overall message of what Mill Steel produces, where you can buy it, and who you’ll be dealing with during each step is always present.

While Mill Steel’s services page may not be its most design-heavy page element, it shines a light on the best aspects of the newer site. 

  • Clear Banner Image Showcasing Product
  • Clear Page Headline of What to Expect on Page
  • Body Copy Enforces Call to Action
  • Video Element Not Hidden

Color and font changes, new logos, and a layout enhancement can only do so much for a website. Every business knows the ins-and-outs of their products and services, but selling something online is a different animal than in person or over the phone. 

Start every meeting with a running start by grabbing the customer’s attention and distinctly offering solutions. 

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