5 Ways to Kickstart Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Few social networks are growing as fast as LinkedIn. The professional networking giant is increasing memberships and content at such an astounding rate that businesses need to start considering a LinkedIn marketing strategy now.

Before you can start forming a LinkedIn marketing strategy, make sure you can check these five boxes.

The Sales Team is On Board

Like any early adopter, a salesperson is right on the edge of all new technologies that make lead generation easier. With over 575 million members and over half using it each month, LinkedIn’s primary users are those actively searching for ways to improve their business.

Adding a future business connection is far different from adding a friend on Facebook, as the content shared is geared toward a Fortune 500 mindset and not sharing pointless memes and time wasters. Once your sales team buys in, messaging gets easier.

Stop Discounting Millennials

There’s nobody ‘killing’ LinkedIn anytime soon. The network is gaining steam not just among Millennial job seekers but by those in the cohort in positions of power. At some point every day the average Snapchat user sets aside the puppy dog filters and shares meaningful and marketable content on LinkedIn.

An official start and stop date for Generation Y births may vary, but there is a consensus that by 2022 all Millennials will be older than the ‘traditional’ college graduate age and firmly into the workforce.

Am I Gaining Mobile Momentum?

Mobile app usage is now reaching 75 million active monthly users. Over 50% of monthly users are clicking links directly to other blogs and websites, and the more businesses market on LinkedIn, the opportunity to reach coveted demographics increases.

Everyone from Gen X on down is also starting to view non-responsive websites as inferior no matter how good the content is. The age of two-finger zooming to read content is over as people don’t feel they have time to waste when on their phones.

Am I Influential Enough?

Of mobile and desktop users, fewer than 1% of members are sharing weekly content. Decision makers are more likely to see news and resources from a small handful of businesses. With such a low barrier to entry, even a modest LinkedIn marketing strategy can get results on par with Facebook’s ultra-competitive targeting.

Translation – create content. Blogs, video, press releases, new products, new hires, new job postings, etc. all attract members to your company’s profile. Sharing content on a professional network is more advantageous than on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter because the system itself already legitimizes those sharing the information.

Time Is on My Side

Decision makers and job seekers alike do one thing in common on LinkedIn – stay awhile. Not only do job seekers want to know more about your business, but other agents also want to know as well. Sharing original content is already proactive, but sharing the right content is far more valuable.

Studies show that long-form content is worth far more than the tidbits you’ll see shared on Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds. The stigma of checking out LinkedIn while at work is losing steam as sales and marketing teams often need it to stay competitive. Everyone is putting their best foot forward on LinkedIn and taking the time to learn from others is one of the best ways to improve yourself.

How many boxes did you cross off?

Creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy is the right move but only at the right time. Schedule a call with Valorous Circle if you can’t check all of the boxes quite yet.

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