How to Promote Your New Website

Energy. Buzz. Enthusiasm. Whatever you want to call it, there’s always excitement in the air when something new is on the horizon. This adjective-ity creates a certain amount of interest, but you should want to learn how to promote a new website before it’s fully public.

Blurting out your soon-to-be-former best kept secret, however, isn’t the best way to go about promoting your new website. Below are Valorous Circle’s top ways to get the word out online, about being online.

1. WAIT!

Announcing your website right away isn’t the best move. Some internet service providers take over 72 hours to update their “address records,” meaning, in theory, that some people might not see the new site for a few days. To be safe, we recommend waiting seven days.

2. Run a Special

By running a “website only” special for the first week or so, you can do a soft opening for your site visible to your most loyal customers, or who visited your old site most often.

We can help you with this if needed.

3. Classic Marketing

Print up some business cards (at least 1,000) with your updated website announcement and possible teaser letting people know about its features. Your sales team will distribute these cards at new client appointments or check-ins.

If your clients cannot meet face-to-face, walking them through your new site on a video call will also work. As long as your curated clients and prospects know where to look and what to do when they get there, you’ll be in good shape for a general promotion.

4. Email Signups

To get the best bang for the buck, we recommend adding an email list sign-up form to the website for the first 30 days. Encouraging visitors to sign up for your email list allows them to be at the forefront of future marketing campaigns including:

  • insider news and specials
  • behind the scenes information
  • upcoming events


Once the soft open is complete, post multiple announcements on your social media channels about the new website – while making sure each announcement tells your audience what’s in it for them if they click on the link.

Your hook doesn’t need to be tangible. When your followers experience a new site, it will reinvigorate their attitude toward your brand. A new website shows that you know the value of their digital experience.

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