How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile After You Get the Job

Job seekers beware–this post about LinkedIn profile tips is not for you! LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for employers, recruiters, and job seekers to fill their company rosters. The network is also adding professionals like never before, eclipsing 575 million profiles in 2019. And it needs content.

Career websites are seemingly endless or ever changing, and yet LinkedIn survives because of its networking foundation. Linking social media to job boards will never be the grand design on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Monster because those sites have an end-result orientation. Job boards want to fill the open position.

The new(er) ability to share news, either from media, marketers, salespeople, or companies, is a huge advancement in B2B content. So, it’s up to the users to provide most of its shareable content.

Gain content-sharing credibility with these 3 LinkedIn profile tips.

1. Add Your Job Searching Basics

If you already got the job through LinkedIn, odds are you already understand what makes a good profile. Clean and coiffed personal photo, an intriguing cover image, job history (with dates, responsibilities, and meaningful metrics), skills, and recommendations are all standard operating procedures. Taking someone seriously without the ability to find their most basic information is frustrating in this age of so-called fake news. As professionals, we want to know that our content comes from a place of integrity. For company pages, the same applies. If your business isn’t on LinkedIn, stop reading this and create one, NOW!

2. Complete a Summary

Personal or company, adding a summary enhances readers’ abilities to connect with the author. You need not fill the space your entire life story or even your entire professional work history. What should you put into the 2,000-character field? Context. Why I did this. Why I chose that path. This is your version of the elevator pitch, or yourself. Company pages–your website’s About page should highlight more than enough relevant information.

3. Start Spreading the News

Everyone now has access to one of two things. If you’re a standalone professional, find the “Today’s news and views” section on the right of your status update field. LinkedIn fills this space with articles or conversation pieces people are actively reading and sharing. When managing your company page, go to the Admin view and select “Content Suggestions” to unlock a treasure trove of stories trending content ready to share with your followers.

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LinkedIn’s natural legitimacy over other social media networks and one-click job sites is a powerful factor in its user rise. While filling open positions is a worthy goal, LinkedIn connects people and brands to build a better professional ecosystem. And now the network is setting its sights on content creators.

Will you be one of them?

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