A Golf Business Plan For Your SEO Game

When your golf game is right, then you know you’re going to have a great day. The same principle applies to SEO. Golf, like SEO campaigns, take skill to master, patience to endure, and a little bit of luck to succeed. You might need a golf business plan to shake up your search engine bogies.


Practice makes perfect, but in golf, nobody sets out to shoot 18. The same goes for SEO. You can have all the right assets working in your favor and still come up short on a few select keywords. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s no reason to abandon specific practices entirely because you occasionally hit a slice.

Tee Times

Dust off those shoes, don your best polo and pop on your crisp pants or shorts – it’s time to hit the links. The best SEO plan starts as you would be setting up a drive. You must get your aim right, line up your variables and be forceful enough (in your wording) to achieve the maximum distance.

Avoiding Hazards

Rivers, lakes, sand traps, dense forest. We all know what can occur a bad shot on the course, but what hazards are there in SEO? Plenty. Often, people think that if you hit a certain number of words and add your keyword a certain amount of times that things will take care of themselves. Not quite. Additionally, Google’s algorithms can cause massive rifts in data analysis that could cause peak performers to lose their high visibility marks.

Competitive Edge

One look at other golfers and you can be both braggadocious and jealous. This, of course, is common. The same goes for any optimization plan. The goal is to be better than the next business, so naturally, there are areas to improve. And if you’re already on the top spot? Keep checking why you’re sitting pretty and don’t fall victim to poor course management.


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