Frequently Asked Support Questions

support questions
Which services are 'Simple' requests?

Simple Support Requests Include:

  • edits to one section or one global section 
  • adding an image, solo or to a slider
  • changing text (copy/paste only)
  • updating an employee, address, phone number or business hours
  • adding/changing user
  • resetting a password
  • adding a blog post
  • adding a menu item
  • adding a testimonial
  • changing out a PDF
  • adding a logo to a showcase
  • answering a basic “how do I do this” question
  • updating DNS records (including MX Records)
How long will my non-'Simple' ticket take?

We work diligently to complete your support requests as quickly as possible although the exact time depends on the complexity of your support request. We can provide you with an approximate completion time when providing you with a quote for your support request.

How do I pay for a support quote?

You can pay for your support request using a credit card, debit card or company check. Valorous Circle gladly accepts Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Can I add tasks to support requests?

You are free to add more tasks to a support request. Any additions to your original request will likely increase your cost estimate.

How are support requests quoted?

All support requests are quoted based on the tasks that you’d like us to complete for you. Valorous Circle provides a number of common support requests as “Simple Requests” for just $50 (see a list of simple support tasks below). All other service requests are quoted on an individual basis.

Does Valorous Support allow payment terms?

We do not offer payment terms on support requests. Valorous Circle does allow clients to buy support in advance by prepaying for support services. 

If you still have questions, please fill out this form and one of our dedicated team members will be in contact with you soon!