Leaping Ahead of the Competition: An Environmental Door Case Study

Dec 7, 2018

Environmental Door is a locally-owned company in Grand Rapids, MI, buoyed by a larger entity, Garaga, out of Canada. The larger body hosts a website template replete with the garage door design center and resource pages, however, it lacks the relationship development a local company might produce.

Unlike our previous Google Review case study featuring the Holland Bowl Mill, Environmental Door sells a slightly larger product. In addition to modern plumbing, windows, and the heating or cooling units, most homes have garages. And those garages need doors.

Whereas the Holland Bowl Mill is a local company with a national product, Environmental Door is a local company with a regional product, albeit with a more extensive client list readily available.

To get customers on board with submitting both good review and negative feedback, Valorous Circle set up a new site to intrigue a customer base and reintroduce the Environmental Door brand to West Michigan customers.

Reshaping a brand is one thing. Getting an extensive list of clients to review their garage door purchase from a few months to a few years ago is quite a tall task. The door manufacturers, fitters and repair teams, started with 28 Google reviews in April 2018.

Early results were staggering. Fifty-eight people sent in a review after the first email blast, 55 of which were five stars. Our program doesn’t pay for positive reviews nor do we tell people what to write.

Armed with a 4.9 overall rating with 86 reviews, Environmental Door was able to position itself as a significant contender in the garage door manufacturing market. But the process was nowhere near through.

Standing in the company’s way was a pair of competitors, each with multiple locations or service areas. Precision Garage Door of West Michigan and the nationally recognized brand, Pella Windows and Doors, had Grand Rapids branches with 96 and 119 reviews, respectively.

Valorous Circle’s review program automatically cycles every 60 days, with each new contact triggering a cycle and adding it to the larger campaign should the initial email go unopened.

Like a pendulum on its second swing, the next email blast didn’t hit the height of the first. However, it reaped enough reviews to eclipse the century mark. Two months later, the third blast sent ripples around the market as Environmental Door will finish 2018 with an industry-leading 134 near-perfect ratings on Google.

According to a high-ranking member of the Environmental Door staff, the reviews are now a major contributing factor in new garage door calls and estimates.