Cyber Monday vs Black Friday: Cutting Through the Clutter

Some great rivalries command our attention – Batman v Superman, Michigan vs. Ohio State, Coke vs. Pepsi, etc. But no competition can compete for our hard-earned cash like Cyber Monday vs Black Friday.

Between Thursday night after Thanksgiving dinner and the Friday after, shoppers spent roughly $5.2 billion at retail checkout lanes, averaging $505 per consumer. Surveyors project these numbers to increase by 47 percent over this coming weekend.

Cyber Monday, however, is doing most of the legwork. Experts are expecting 17 percent more shoppers to flock to their online retailers in 2017 than last year. Total online sales eclipsed $9.36 billion and by all accounts will grow again.

Fall is the time of the year when every store is wall-to-wall busy. So what can you do to avoid your messages from going down the deep end?


Avoid Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

The simplest way for a small business to avoid the pressures of Best Buy, Target and online retailers is to think smaller. Small Business Saturday is a chance for local shops to shine. Antiques, crafts, and boutiques can boom just as big as Macy’s and keep more dollars in their communities.

Shift your marketing dollars to Facebook posts or join forces with other businesses in cross-promotional efforts.


Cyber Monday vs Black Friday: buying gifts on your laptop without the hassle


The Only Way Out is Through

Sometimes there’s no avoiding it, you’re going to be right in the line of shopping fire, and their ire. Being on the same street as big box stores can mean significant boosts if people don’t like long lines.

Try appealing to these beleaguered consumers by targeting messages at the wee hours of the morning or displaying signage that reminds people you support a relaxing holiday weekend, but all online sales will ship Monday morning.

There is so much pressure when it comes to buying online that its OK to get frustrated when trying to get your message out in the Cyber Monday vs Black Friday haze. And if you think our holiday shopping season is crazy, take a look at China’s Singles’ Day.

Social media feeds will fill up with advertising faster than your stomach fills up on stuffing. For the small retailer, knowing how to keep your head above water is more important than setting a record swimming time.


Does your business need ideas on how to prepare for the next holiday season? Let Valorous Circle know by scheduling an appointment.

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