Why Creating a Landing Page Drives Lead Generation

Aug 2, 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes many forms. You can have a whole host of keywords on all your pages, long-form content, video, and blogs. Yet the best thing you can do is create a landing page.

Landing pages generate leads for your business by taking your site and condensing all the essential bits of information into a single source for collecting potential customers’ data.

A landing page is a digital equivalent to in-store signup sheets. Most of the time you can get away with your logo, an opt-in form and a simple layout that looks like your existing site. But there’s another way to create a landing page without looking like it was slapped together in less than five minutes.

It’s always important to know who your target is and why they should be filling out your online form. Figuring out who will see your page most is the first step in creating the most effective landing page.

Often, seeking local prospects works in your favor over broad subjects. In other words, it’s better to target leads based on geographic search terms that pair with your current SEO keywords. For instance, as a leading web design company, Valorous Circle already has numerous pages featuring variants of web design, development, and online support keywords.

The primary goal of these pages, however, is not lead generation, but rather message outreach. When we create a landing page for a new customer segment, we focus our efforts on location or subject.

Below are a few examples of Valorous Circle’s geographic landings pages.

Valorous Circle's Grand Rapids landing page. Create a landing page using geographic cues.
Valorous Circle's holland landing page. Create a landing page using geographic cues.

You’ll notice that our designs are reasonably standard, yet still seamlessly integrate with our overall design. Pages feature cityscapes and views of the communities we are trying to serve without coming off as inauthentic.

Now take a look at our subject-based landing pages, where we lay out our case for creating the best golf and church websites.

Valorous Circle's church landing page. Create a landing page using subject matter cues.
Valorous Circle's golf landing page. Create a landing page using subject matter cues.

You’ll find that these pages differ significantly in style and substance, yet can still attract their target markets based on written content and impactful design. Landing pages are meant to draw people in, elicit a positive reaction, and eventually convince them to schedule an appointment, pick up the phone, or submit an email address. All in a matter of seconds.

Your viewers are already intrigued by your offer because the landing page popped up in their searches. It’s time to take this leg up and stand a little taller than your competition.

Become a hero to your customers with landing pages designed by Valorous Circle.