How To Fish For SEO Keywords

Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

Imagine search engine optimization (SEO) keywords are like fish. In the entire ocean of online content, with thousands of blogs, millions of blog posts and billions, if not trillions of words, choosing the right keywords for SEO can be like fishing for minnows in the Pacific.

But what if we make the body of water smaller?Choosing the righ keywords for SEO can be like fishing for a trophy.

What happens to our fish? They’re more likely to get hooked on your line.

Now imagine your blog posts and landing pages as their own lakes. Nouns act as the ‘meat’ of your content, like salmon, bass and trout are for a lake.

Adjectives shimmer as cichlids, adding color and flair, while articles are the bait fish. Verbs and adverbs act as the current, not allowing your pages to remain stagnant.

Any links from your page are rivers leading to other trusted fishing sources.

You are a lake creator who provides anglers, your readers, a great place to fish the waters – even if they’re just skimming over it.

And like every fisherman’s tale, there’s always a trophy fish worth fighting for. This fish is your SEO keyword, meant to draw more and more anglers to your lake.

The more unique the fish, however, the less busy your lake will be. In terms of content, only a handful of readers may be searching for your keyword each month, but the ones who do find your content are more likely to stay and read your site.

Your lake will stand out by being one of the few that exist offering that particular fishing experience.

If you want to attract more fishermen, offer more digestible fish. But as you start to simplify or shorten your SEO keywords, consider there could be millions of lakes just like yours across the world.

Let’s think of this post as Valorous Lake.

Look around you, what do you see? How many other boats are on the water? For this lake at this time, there aren’t many. The waves are calm because there’s hardly anyone else on the water.

That’s because Valorous Lake chose the SEO phrase choosing the right keywords for SEO as our trophy fish.

Sure, it’s a long keyword, but only 90 fishermen search for this particular trophy every month and there are only 1.05 million lakes with it on earth. Because our lake is newer and freshly optimized for searches, we should be one of the top destinations for our keyword.

Now imagine Valorous Lake chose SEO keywords as its trophy fish.

You’d see a lot more boats. Currently, SEO keywords is searched 1,000 times every month. It’s a highly digestible fish that’s easy to catch.

But where our more complex trophy, choosing the right keywords for SEO, was found in 1.05 million lakes, our condensed trophy fish is found in 30.6 million lakes. The odds of someone finding our lake are now only half as good.

If you need help attracting fishermen to your lake, fill out a form or schedule an appointment to see how Valorous Circle can optimize your online content.

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