Business Podcasting Basics – Part 5

In this last lesson, we are going to go over some simple yet effective ways how to get more podcast listeners. With getting more listeners for your podcast, you have to do everything you can to get noticed. Keep in mind that there are a lot of podcasters competing for listeners’ attention.

In your third lesson, the best way to create a captivating podcast is by focusing on topics that you know well and that are closely related to your business. It’s also a good idea to think about what sets your business apart from your competition, so you can share information with your listeners that will help them identify with you better.

Keep in mind that people are often overwhelmed with too much information. Most of the time that want practical how to advice and tips that will help them accomplish something.

Stick to a schedule: One of the main reasons popular radio show hosts can build loyal followings is because they are consistent. Think about your favorite morning shows. They are on the air at the same time every day. If they weren’t it would be hard to know when to tune in and they wouldn’t be very successful. The same idea applies to your podcast. You need to set a publishing schedule and stick to it so your listeners know what to expect.

Podcast directories: Get listed in multiple podcasting directories like the iTunes store, Spotify, DoubleTwist, Stitcher, Digg Podcasts, or PodcastOne. Just do a quick search and you’ll discover there are literally hundreds of directories available online dedicated strictly to podcasting and RSS feeds. Submitting your feed to as many as possible can definitely lead to more exposure and more listeners.

Use Tags: Since podcasts are audio files, tagging is essential for helping listeners find you whether it’s in iTunes or through the search engines. Always use descriptive keywords and tags in your descriptions whenever you are submitting or posting links to your cast. This will help attract more targeted traffic and listeners to your show. Keep in mind that the descriptions you use often show up in the search engine listing and will also be the main reason people click through and listen, so do your best to make it interesting.

Write a companion blog for support: Blogging can be an effective tool for generating interest in your podcast. Blogs reach a different audience that may not know about your podcast, and they can be useful for building a strong search engine presence. Make sure your podcast is featured heavily on your blog with well-placed subscription links. You can even place samples from your latest podcasts on your blog so listeners can get an idea of what your show is about.

Stay active on other websites in your niche: Like blogging, podcasting is all about building a community. You can’t just sit back and expect listeners to come to you; you need to go out and be active in your community. This means staying active in forums, blogs, and online groups related to your niche. It can also mean building a strong presence on Twitter. Just make sure you’re actually contributing to the community and not just spamming them about your podcast.

Interview guests on your show: One easy way to spread the word about your show is to interview guests from your industry. I recommend focusing on bloggers and power Twitter users who have a strong following. This way, whenever they appear on your podcast, they’ll alert their readers/followers, and many of them will come check out your podcast. Be sure to prepare for the interview by learning all about your guest and creating thoughtful questions they might not have been asked before.

Make your show worth listening to: Of course, none of these tactics will work if your podcast sucks. Above all else, you need to focus on making your podcast worth listening to. This means showing up prepared and offering quality content that listeners can’t get anywhere else. Never stop trying to improve your podcast.

Thank you again for joining us. We hope that you have learned a lot about how to get more podcast listeners and we can’t wait to hear about your successes!

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