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Facebook Page Recovery, how to recover a facebook page

How to Recover or Claim a Facebook Page that Belongs to You

Some instances where this is common can be:

You didn’t create the page, someone who previously worked for the company did and now they’re long gone.
You made someone an admin on the page, and if for some reason they were fired or have bad relations with you and deleted you as a admin.
Or a page was created by others repeatably “checking in” to that location, in which you don’t have control over it either.

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website hosting

Website Hosting 101

VIDEO: Choosing the right hosting plan for your website involves more than just picking the largest or cheapest provider. Although Valorous Circle does not provide website hosting services, we are regularly testing and comparing hosting providers to ensure you that we can provide you with the best hosting recommendations for your website needs.

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seo made simple

SEO Made Simple

I’m sure you’ve heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and I’d wager you even know that it’s an important factor in ensuring that your website ranks well with Google and other search engines. Even so, I’m confident that, like most people, your brain begins to hurt when you think about learning even the basics of SEO and how to apply SEO best practices to your blog or website. If this sounds at all like you feel about search engine optimization then this post may be just what you are looking for . . .

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