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Start Your Podcast With These 4 Easy Steps

Many of know what they are. You listen to them, subscribe to channels on Spotify, Soundcloud or iTunes. Now it’s time for you to take the leap and learn how to start a podcast of your own.

3 Ways to Simplify Sales & Marketing Habits

Disagreements, strain, and stress often stem from making things too complicated. Businesses can create systems too complicated by involving what’s known as red tape. Too much red tape leads to frustration. When things reach this breaking point it’s important to remember – Keep It Simple Stupid.

How Nostalgia Impacts Cross-Generational Marketing

Looking to the past through rose-colored glasses is how most of us remember things. And when those memories tie in one of our senses, like the taste of a refreshing drink or the smell of cinnamon rolls, our memories become even rosier. Enter nostalgia marketing.

4 Ways Twitch Masters Influencer Marketing

Every news article that discusses Twitch starts out the same way – “What is Twitch.” And we’re no exception. Twitch is the latest and greatest way to stream gaming around the world. Any given Twitch stream can lead a viewer to unknown worlds, the best gamers, or brand content on any device.

What Spring Cleaning Means For Your Digital Business

Not all businesses have tremendous amounts of paperwork cluttering office spaces. In fact, some operate paper-free. Even digital information could use a dose of spring cleaning -reenergizing all the systems around you to help your businesses succeed and top the competition for the next few months.

The Not-So Hidden Power of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising, also commonly referred to as Out-of-Home advertising, has deep roots in ballpark history. You’ve seen the standards – billboard ads next to scoreboards and banners draping the outfield fence, yet most other major sports relegate these sponsors to the hallways and atriums of their stadiums.

How Does Marketing Harmonize with Virtual Reality?

What if you could escape to another dimension? Would you take that chance? The future of virtual reality is bright, and its marketing applications are growing. While virtual reality technology is undoubtedly advancing, the idea of it is not.

Well Represented But Misunderstood: iGen Takes Center Stage

By now all of you know how Millennials are destroying certain businesses, Generation X is interested in material gain and Baby Boomers are spending money like crazy on new life experiences. And yet, when it comes to generation advertising, one group is universally disregarded, or co-opted by another – Generation Z.

A Google My Business Listing Is Your Best Free Marketing Asset

If you’re looking for flash and frills to increase sales and win over customers, odds are you’re overlooking one of the most fundamental principals of marketing – people need facts. And a Google My Business listing is all about facts.

Does Your Blog Have More Value Than Social Media?

Is a blog considered social media? No. That’s right, the best option to tell your side of every story was right in front of your nose this whole time. And it’s not a reciprocal relationship. Blogs are better than your business’ Facebook page.

The Time Is Always Right to Optimize Old Webpages

Is there ever a shelf life for old webpages? Conventional wisdom says yes. You wrote the content for those pages ages ago. They might have slang and industry jargon from five, six and seven years ago, depending on how old your website is.


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