Back to Basics: What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a platform to build a site, nor any kind of program. SEO is an amalgamation of ideas, knowledge, and techniques that work together to help improve traffic to your website and grow brand recognition of your products and services online. SEO is both art and science, which is why great results require a professional touch.

There are many channels of Search Engine Marketing, notably Google Ads, however, optimization is the most efficient and effective method of driving traffic to your website.

SEO helps grow and sustain traffic while increasing your organization’s credibility in the eyes of your prospects. Increasing the trust of your target market can lead to more leads, subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook likes and other key performance indicators.

Why should Search Engine Optimization be an important aspect of your website strategy?

  • Unlike other methods of driving traffic, nothing else has a similar conversion rate.

  • Effort goes into on-page and off-page optimization without an expiration date. When was the last time you received a lead from years-old marketing campaigns?

  • If you are an affiliate of any large organization and live off commissions from your sales and referrals, SEO will let you target the customers most likely to buy the products and services you are representing.

  • As long as you follow White Hat (legitimate) SEO techniques, your website gets will continue to provide traffic.

  • There are no SEO hacks or tricks. Search engines promote websites that have taken the time and effort to understand their SEO guidelines and protocols. They will reward your website when it provides original content and uses White Hat techniques.

Search Engine Optimization, which includes original and relevant content, elevates your website to a level that gets you noticed and that helps promote you, your business and your website to those people you want to do business with.

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