AI Websites Won’t Save You Time & Money

Nov 7, 2018

Trust the human. It’s a funny thing to say, yet it means quite a bit to hear it from a web developer in the ages of artificial intelligence websites.

The need for increased automation and web companies is nothing new. We need AI to improve sale techniques, marketing efforts and data analysis, but design interfaces should always start with, and be seen by, real people to create real relationships.

With a team of dedicated developers at Valorous Circle, we know the value of human connection and design process. Sure, we might have less meeting if businesses started using artificial intelligence websites, but you’d have a lot more headaches.

If you own a business, you may see ads or sponsored posts pop up on your social media feeds or online news sources promoting AI websites. Companies that offer AI sites fall into two main categories – savers and replacers.

A saver AI design will plug your business notes into a system and spit out something designed to save you time and money. These sites prey on business owners who are tech novices or who think a website is purely the next step after a Yellow Pages ad. Replacers want to completely overhaul the way you feel about websites by offering amazing designs with limited personal creative input, for a moderately sizeable fee up front.

Both are flawed approaches. Why? Because a good website needs creative touches with consistent client feedback and time.

Asking a machine program to learn the nuances of your business isn’t the route you want to take if your computer skills end at the Wix cart checkout. You may end up spending more time with the user interface than you’ll want, which begs the question, why not ask the experts first?

The desire to save money now on a simple site is a natural one. Useful websites, however, need attention to detail that AI can’t solve yet.

The future of AI is evolving. But for now, web design is in safe, human hands of developers like Valorous Circle.