Enhance Your Informational Videos with Free Music

Jan 25, 2019

Industrial or mechanical informational videos can be critical given the complex nature of your subject matter. If those same videos lack a certain punch, however, it’s not going to be because of your descriptions. It’s going to be a lack of energy and adding sound to video remedies this problem.

Aspiring to become the next “How It’s Made” segment may be a tall task, yet there are other ways to spruce up your informational video if it doesn’t feature interviews or voiceovers.

Adding your video to YouTube and selecting one of their sound options is the simplest solution. Attempts to add your soundtrack may yield some unintended consequences if you don’t own the rights to a particular song or tune. YouTube’s library of tracks is a valuable resource often overlooked because of public domain stigma.

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There is nothing wrong with using a simple jingle to add a layer of drama, comedy, or general excitement to your video. How long is someone going to watch a snippet without background noise? Even silent movies weren’t completely silent.

As long as you direct the video toward your target market, they will watch. The goal isn’t to make the footage memorable with sound. That won’t happen. But you need to make your video enjoyable enough for repeat viewings.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you can follow along the tabs to find the Audio option. From there you can browse through a selection of songs and styles that won’t throw you into YouTube jail for copyright infringement.

The song styles vary from lyrical to instrumental, spanning all styles and sub-genres. Each song has a specific timestamp, making your video and sound overlap easier to pair.

You won’t recognize any of the songs or musicians, but the tones may be familiar. Don’t worry if you hear the same sounding bars from any of these tunes from other YouTube videos. 

When adding sound to video, the goal isn’t to make the music more important than the video content. Its job is to enhance it.

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