50 Engaging Things to Post to Your Facebook Page

Have you ever stared at your screen and thought, “what should I post on Facebook today?”

Between quarantine lockdowns, reopenings, and the election cycle, your newsfeed could use a change of pace. That’s where your business should shine! Social media is more than the latest fads. No, you don’t have to come up with a choreographed Tik Tok dance or custom Snapchat filter to reach out to new generations. Sometimes, you just need a little nudge in the right direction to engage your followers and attract new ones.

These tips can help everyone from the most ardent social media guru to the slightly stressed novice. Staring at a blank status is never ideal. So, instead of wondering what to post, here are a few ideas that can spark new connections and inspire you.

  1. Go Live and share 3 quick tips on how your audience can do something
  2. Take a beautiful image and add a quote that inspires you.
  3. Upload a behind-the-scenes photo that shows you or your employees working.
  4. Share a funny story from your own life and make it relevant to your community.
  5. Link to a quiz (funny or serious) and share your own results.
  6. Make a video introducing yourself or your team.
  7. Capture a picture of an industry event and upload it to your Facebook page.
  8. Link to your favorite resource or tool (it doesn’t have to be your own).
  9. Post a meme that people in your community can relate to.
  10. Link to a news story that inspired you.
  11. Create a Top XX list and share it on your page.
  12. Share content from another Facebook page that serves your target market.
  13. Make a book recommendation (the book’s topic should be related to your business).
  14. Share a sneak peek at an upcoming project.
  15. Post a picture of a happy customer along with a short testimonial.
  16. Go Live on Facebook with a Frequently Asked Questions theme. Invite your viewers to share their questions with you.
  17. Ask your community which quotes inspire them.
  18. Create a photo series featuring unusual uses of your product or service.
  19. Post a link to a special “fans only” discount code.
  20. Talk about a person or product who inspires you.
  21. Link to your other social media profiles that may be more specific on a certain subject.
  22. Share photos from a previous event. Reflect on how far your company or brand has come.
  23. Use a branded hashtag and encourage your followers to post pictures using that hashtag.
  24. Post about a milestone for your brand or business.
  25. Do a Facebook Live video about why you started your brand, company, or career.
  26. Ask your community what they’re working on.
  27. Take a poll and gather useful information about your target market.
  28. Post a link to your latest blog post. To make it more fun, hide an “Easter egg” in the post and give a prize to the first commenter who finds it.
  29. Share three mistakes you see your customers make (include suggested solutions)!
  30. Go Live on Facebook and interview an expert in your niche.
  31. Promote an upcoming event you’re excited for!
  32. Start a comment and receive post (Comment “Yes” to receive a free copy of an eBook).
  33. Were you the feature of a video or podcast? Share it!
  34. Do a fill-in-the-blank post and ask your followers to answer _________.
  35. Share a fascinating statistic and what it means for your industry or niche.
  36. Create a survey and ask your followers to fill it out (offer a chance to win a prize to increase engagement!).
  37. Ask your community what they would say to a newbie in your field (e.g. what one piece of advice would you share with a new mom?).
  38. Go Live with a product demo or tutorial.
  39. Start a short 7-day challenge that’s perfect for your community.
  40. Post what podcasts you’re listening to.
  41. Share about what you wish you’d known when you first started offering your service or product.
  42. Recommend a product or service that applies to yours. If you sell dog toys, for instance, recommend your favorite brand of dog food.
  43. Go Live and go on the “hot seat”—invite your viewers to offer their honest feedback about your product or company.
  44. Ask your community for links to their favorite (clean) TED Talks or podcasts.
  45. Make a post about 3 secrets you wish every follower in your niche knew.
  46. Upload a funny picture and invite your community to caption it in the comments.
  47. Invite your followers to share their best tip for accomplishing a task related to your business.
  48. Add a link to your favorite Pinterest board and explain why you love it.
  49. Share a “quick start” guide to your product or service.
  50. Post a Throwback Thursday picture from the early days of your brand or business. Other, less popular acronyms include Man Crush Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Woman Crush Wednesday, and Flashback Friday. Use the others at your own discretion, with consideration of how ‘saucy’ your followers want their feed to be!

This Valorous Circle blog post on Facebook and social media ideas contains licensed content from a third-party source. 

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