5 Steps for Domain Name Success and Safety

Your domain name is the address that internet users will use to find you. It is akin to a phone number, a way to reach you or your business. The enjoyable part about domain names is that you can choose one for yourself and it can be quirky, funny, short or weird. Usually, folks prefer a name which matches with their business name or the service/niche. To own a domain name, perform a domain registration. Here are a few pointers on your domain name registration.

Use a Trusted Registrar

There are plenty of domain registrars with competitive pricing. Some are quite cheap while others are a tad bit expensive or offer add-on packages. Always go with a trusted name, either nationally or internationally, such as Network Solutions, GoDaddy or others.

Always Make Your Account

You may have many web designers and programmers at your disposal but don’t rely on them for domain name registration. Make your account with the domain registrar so that the ownership of your domain name is owned by you or your organization. You SHOULD NOT take a simple way out and have your web designer, developer or computer support firm register your domain name for you. Even if they are 100% trustworthy, as many are, proving that you are the rightful owner of the domain can be nearly impossible if there is ever a degradation in the relationship.

Save The Login Details

You will need the login details for your domain registrar account in the future to purchase add-ons, renew the domain name and more. Keep your domain registrar account details safe and somewhere close to you so that you can retrieve it when necessary.

Always Use Company Email

Domain registration links a new domain with a particular email account. It is best to use your company email address when registering the domain name as you will need this email account in future to confirm your ownership of the domain name. Besides being more transient, public email accounts also have a higher chance of getting hacked or abused, and inactivity terminates the accounts, which is less of a risk with company email addresses.

Register Using Your Company or Organization Name

Never register a domain under the name of an employee or contractor. It is best to use your company name when registering a domain. This helps safeguard the true identity of the owner and shows it as the property of your company.

Domain name registration is a simple process and often the first step towards building a website and building your online brand. If you do this level correctly, you will protect yourself and your organization from a plethora of future complications. Remember, take the precautions when registering a domain as you may not get a second chance at fixing any wrong registration details.

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