28th Street Metro Cruise

Aug 6, 2019

All website makeovers enhance the key features of an organization in a variety of functions. Some have design influences while others need functionality, and nearly all need lead generation. And then there is an event website, an often forgotten part of the web experience.

Not all websites serve as extensions of brick-and-mortar businesses. Local service providers may operate out of a few trucks, and online shops might only require a warehouse with a logistics manager. And while websites that promote events have even less of an infrastructure, they still need a platform to promote their information.

The 28th Street Metro Cruise is an annual event that draws over 275,000 hot rod, muscle performance, antique and classic car lovers from all over the United States. Coordinating the thousands of people descending on Southwestern Grand Rapids is a tall task. One the older Metro Cruise event website was ill-equipped at handling.

Redesigning the website was like working on a classic car. The glitz and glamour of the 1950s never faded too far from the automotive world. Even the biggest performance guru will still turn their head and that sweet chrome finish with a deep red or baby blue interior.

Users identifying with the classic car look should feel safe knowing this event appreciates all car lovers and will cater to their informational needs.

Because with any good celebration, people want to know the when and where of each experience. A font change, two new buttons for an Event Calendar and Volunteer information engage the viewer more than the blog-style layout of the previous site. Gone are the days wading through disorganized scrolling that wasn’t mobile responsive. *Not that you should ever use your phone while driving.

Volunteering is at the heart of the 28th Street Metro Cruise. And now, its new site places the ability to share your time and love of cars with from the very start. All set before a glimmering dashboard.

A website redesign won’t take as long a restoring a classic car, but it can still rev the right engine that gets people where they need to go.

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