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Our proven website design process engages your audience and drives more opportunities to your door!

Effective web design grabs the attention of your audience and makes your website easy for them to use.

Your website needs to grab your audiences attention in mere seconds. This means that your well written content isn’t the first thing that people will notice; you need amazing visuals to grab your audiences attention. This means immersive images, visually stunning videos and graphics that command attention. Valorous Circle delivers engaging visual elements as part of your web design. Of course, we utilize pictures, video and graphics; we also design in visual elements to encourage your audience to take specific actions such as filling out your contact form or calling your organization.

Immersive Images


Stunning Videos

Commanding Graphics



One of the first things we do with you is to identify your target audience(s). By identifying your target audiences we can design your website to be visually engaging for them. As an example, new brides to be looking for the latest bridal trends will have different design preferences and engagement points than will middle aged children looking to find a retirement home for their aging parents. Valorous Circle understands that your web design needs to appeal to your audience in order to be effective. Website design is more than pretty pictures and catchy content. Website design is part art form and part science. Valorous Circle also understands how your audience will view your website, and we use visual elements in your website design to help “steer” your audience to the areas of your website that we want them to visit, read, and respond to.



Valorous Circle believes that you should be able to focus on your business while we focus on your web design. A Valorous Circle website provides you with the consulting, expertise, project management and guidance that you desire while providing you as much input as you’d like during the process. While you can put your full faith and trust in our team, our Valorous Circle web design projects also provide you with a higher level of input to ensure that your website hits each of your objectives. A Valorous Circle website is customized to achieve your vision and includes our highest level of design, project management and hands on interaction with your team. A Valorous Circle web design delivers you true concierge level service. Our fixed price Valorous Circle website projects ensure your project will stay on time and on budget. Our proven website design process ensures a smooth project and provides you with the peace of mind to focus on your business while our professional website design team focuses on creating a new website for your organization that exceeds your expectations.

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A designersCHOICE™ website is perfect for you if you have a good idea of the goals you want your website to achieve and have a limited number of people that will be involved in your new website design project. A designersCHOICE™ website provides you with a custom branded web design utilizing multiple custom website design elements and up to four hours of revisions included in your fixed price website project. We use the term designersCHOICE™ as you and your team are entrusting our web design and development team to create a website for you that meets your stated goals and objectives and you are relying heavily on our team for design direction. Many of our clients prefer to have us leverage our years of experience to make the majority of the web design decisions for their new website. A designersCHOICE™ website is a great website solution for you if you want to stay focused on your business while our design team focuses on delivering you a website that exceeds your expectations.

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A quickSITE™ website is our most affordable web design solution and is the perfect solution for you if you need something done quickly and if controlling costs is of paramount importance. A quickSITE™ provides you with a fantastic web design that is branded utilizing pre-defined layouts or templates to make your business or organization look amazing. Valorous Circle can get started on your quickSITE™ with just a copy of your logo and some simple content from you. quickSITE™ websites minimize the time you need to spend planning your website and entrust our team of website designers and developers to craft a website for you that looks amazing. quickSITE™ websites are also affordable and expandable. quickSITE™ websites are built on the same amazing content management system that our designersCHOICE™ and ValorousCIRCLE™ websites are. We simply provide you with a managed platform to ensure that your site is simple and easy to maintain.

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